Who we are and why choose the fight centre

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The origins of The Fight Centre

It was back in 2008 when Ben and James first met each other, both about to begin their journey into martial arts. The pair grew close over the years while training at Iron Fist gym and formed a friendship that has stood the test of time.

The birth of The Fight Centre came as a result of Iron Fist having to close their doors. Both guys decided it would be the right thing to continue to provide what Iron Fist had given them over the years, world-class instruction and a warm environment.

While much of their time was spent training their students, they were still able to keep improving, with Ben going on to win multiple World Championships, earning TFC worldwide recognition.

Two World-class trainers that love Muay Thai and Boxing

With world champions training at The Fight Centre (TFC) from the moment they opened, the gym had a strong foundation to build upon, and have continued to be a respected gym within the Brisbane Muay Thai and Boxing community.

Ben and James had both experienced a huge transformation in their lives through Boxing and Muay Thai. They went from not knowing their place in the world to feeling the full confidence that comes from learning how to handle yourself. This allowed them to take on the challenges of everyday life and gave them the confidence to protect themselves and loved ones if ever needed.

With TFC now going online, Ben and James look forward to impacting a far greater number of people.  They aim to give the same level of quality instruction and enjoyment that so many of the TFC members have and continue to experience!