Answering your questions

Questions are always welcome at TFC. You’ll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below. Don’t see your question? Drop us a message.

  • Do I need any equipment to get started?

    No! All you’ll need is a space in your living room/backyard and a device to watch our videos on (phone, iPad/tablet or a smart TV).

  • What if I've never done any Muay Thai or Boxing before, are your courses for me?

    Our courses have been designed specifically to be accessible to people of all levels. Fundamentals are essential to get right in Muay Thai and Boxing to allow yourself to develop into a well-rounded fighter, we’ve made learning them fun.

    While developing the course we had students of all levels at our training centre provide much-needed insights into how to tailor the course to fit your exact needs. Our world championship level instruction mixed with their insights have allowed us to produce a truly premium product that you’ll find is well worth the investment.

  • How long will the course take me to complete?

    This is completely up to you and depends on the level of mastery that you wish to get out of our courses. Our intention is to help you maximise your potential in the martial arts that we provide training in. Therefore, we will be continually releasing new content to work on different aspects of your game, allowing you to become the most well-rounded fighter possible.

    Getting the form down is absolutely essential. This is where repeated viewing of the same video can be really beneficial. We suggest watching each of our videos multiple times and having your form verified by one of our instructors before adding it to your arsenal.

  • How do I stay accountable without having a trainer watching over me?

    We are laying the foundation for you to build your own success.  Momentum plays an important role in developing any skill, especially a martial art. To avoid the possibility of giving up due to training becoming too technical for your current level, we provide a variety of videos at different difficulties so that you can level up gradually over time.