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  • Training with the TFC guys is great fun, loving the attention-to-detail and how they’ve structured the lessons. Was a complete novice when I started, however, that didn’t stop me from picking up techniques and improving them relatively quickly. Have already recommended it to my friends and looking forward to doing some partner drills with them soon.

    David Lemon
  • I’ve been so surprised at how my relationship with exercise changed. Before I felt like exercise just wasn’t my thing, but now I absolutely love it. TFC do a great job of making exercise fun. I can’t believe the value I get for $20 a month, the courses are packed full of great content!

    Mary Masterson
  • The closest I’ve been to martial arts in the past was watching karate kid. Yes, I know. I decided to bite the bullet and try a TFC course, especially since they were being run by world champion trainers! I was glad to find that they catered to absolute beginners, I’ve learnt so much! Thank you.

    Pete Lupi
  • I learnt more from TFC’s online courses than my local boxing gym. How? They’ve just got a really clear way of instructing that is perfect for beginners. I’m not the fastest learner and having the option to repeat content is important for me. They also answer my questions whenever anything pops up, great service!

    Matt Park
  • My mate and I are massive fans of UFC and wanted to learn how do some basic stuff. We were stoked when we found out that TFC offered partner drills and solo stuff. We’ve been practising every day since joining the course, its so addictive! Love the training, can’t wait to meet the guys in person.

    Sam Parsons
  • Not training at my gym because of COVID-19 has been a real nuisance. I stumbled upon courses TFC offer and thought it was worth a try at least. Really pleasantly surprised about how well the courses have been put together. You can tell they’ve put a lot of thought into it. Absolutely love it and will definitely recommend.

    Charlie Clark