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how it works

How it Works

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Why is the program ideal for those with a burning desire to improve their skills?

We’ve spent countless hours learning, training and refining to become the martial artists we are today. This lead us to become world champions. We always found solid fundamentals were the most crucial part of our success. You’ll find that our courses are not only great to master the fundamentals but also fun to take part in!

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How it Works

We challenge you to find a better package anywhere else. Our program includes:

  • Access to all of our programs for just one price! ($20USD per month)
  • Hundreds of videos to learn from
  • Muay Thai and Boxing tutorials
  • Training that you can do alone or with a partner
  • Options for people with no equipment
  • Videos for all skill levels from beginner to advanced students
  • Constantly expanding video library

Want to supercharge your learning?

  • Solo drills with no equipment needed
  • Bag drills for Boxing and Muay Thai
  • Partner drills for training with friends or family
  • Perfect for learning fundamentals to advanced concepts

Hear it from others who have also tried the program

  • I absolutely loved the course! I’ve been training Boxing for some time but felt my technique needed some improvement. The online classes were a perfect fit. I’ve learned so much and my confidence in my ability has definitely risen! - Jenny Sanders
  • Finding a gym to train at nearby is difficult, the closest is an hour away. I was glad to see TFC offering a Muay Thai program, exactly what I wanted to try. Not only that, but I was also instructed by world-class instructors on the course which was unbelievable for the price! - Tom Forster
  • As a huge fan of UFC I've been wanting to try Muay Thai for ages! Recently I heard about the Muay Thai program from TFC and gave it a go. They did an excellent job of motivating me and the sessions were fun too! I can genuinely feel the difference when I'm out and about. - Jamie Langley
  • Since moving to a new town with no boxing gym nearby, I've really felt the absence of it in my life. When I heard that TFC were offering a Boxing program, I knew I had to give it a go. The experience has been sensational, I didn't know online instruction could be so good! The community is definitely a cherry on the top. - Sarah Marshall

Let us share with you what has helped us win World Championships

No contracts, no signup fees, get the full access to all the classes for just $20 USD per month!

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