Muay Thai

About our Boxing Course

Boxing is the most popular combat sport today. Known by many as the ‘Sweet Science’, it is both highly effective for self-defence and fitness. Ensuring that you use the correct form when learning how to box is essential. With the help of our Boxing program, you will be giving yourself the best chance to become proficient in the techniques required to become an effective and efficient boxer. We have carefully selected the most important aspects of Boxing that you need to learn and packaged them in our program.

Why you need Boxing

  • Step 1
    A source of confidence

    When you become confident in your boxing skills, you won't need to be concerned if conflict seems imminent. Training in the 'Sweet Science' will sharpen your mind and body for combat, allowing you to make the right decision when called upon.

  • Step 2
    Turbo charge your cardio

    If you stick to our Boxing program as instructed, you will notice significant improvements in technique AND endurance! This will make you a more proficient boxer and benefit other areas of your life too.

  • Step 3
    Build good habits

    Correct form is essential for maximum effectiveness and injury prevention. Our elite level instructors have helped boxers of all levels refine their skills. You're in safe hands.

Muay Thai

Why this class is for you

No matter who you are, having the confidence and ability to defend yourself is something we believe everyone should possess. To make your journey towards proficiency as comfortable as possible, we’ve selected only the most essential parts of the ‘Sweet Science’ and packaged it in an easy to follow program.

Whether you are new to Boxing with a burning desire to become proficient or simply looking to refine your skills, our program caters to both. Having a busy schedule or not being able to get to a local boxing gym doesn’t need to limit you anymore. With our convenient program you can train when and where you like, allowing you to improve consistently.

Through training with the assistance of our program, you are ensuring you get elite-level Boxing instruction at a fraction of the standard cost. If you’re serious about getting good at Boxing our program is a no-brainer!

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